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Thousands of submissions. Hundreds of contenders. More swatches, smears, and spritz tests than there are collective arms in our office. It all helped culminate in POPSUGAR's first-ever Power Your Pretty Awards, a one-of-a-kind celebration of the year’s best new beauty launches, hand-picked by our trusted team of editors with one person in mind: you.

Whether you're someone who believes the limit to coats of mascara should not exist, or someone who can bargain hunt better than the best of them on HGTV, this list of 65 winning beauty products has something for everyone. Because we understand that no one personality is exactly like the next — and is there really anything prettier than doing you?

Getting that extra 15 minutes of sleep each morning is your love language, which means your beauty routine is more of a whirlwind romance than a long-term commitment — and you've never met a shortcut you didn't like. Here to support your on-the-go lifestyle: this assembly of multitasking skin, scalp, and makeup products that get you in and out the door faster than a swipe on Tinder.

Hold the tequila — the only kind of "bar" you're interested in has multiple blow-dry stations. That's why we've cocktailed the perfect at-home hair regimen with products that'll give you a shot of shine, color protection, or definition. Because on a good hair day, nothing should cramp your style.

When your favorite party trick (outside of biochemistry class) is deciphering the ingredients list on the back of everyone's favorite moisturizer, you know you're knee-deep in the science of skin care — all you're missing is the lab coat. Don't worry, this list of face creams, cleansers, and treatments would earn your dermatologist's approval.

The producers of Hoarders have seen nothing compared to your makeup stash, but come on: What could they expect from someone who's built deep, meaningful relationships with every sales associate at Sephora? If you only make room for a few more (and we know you wanna), make them these face, lip, and eye products.

Like Gwyneth Paltrow by way of Marie Kondo, your beauty regimen is carefully curated and cleaner than your sock drawer. If you choose beauty products formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS and SLES, mineral oil, or any other controversial ingredients, we can guarantee these skin, hair, and makeup picks will spark joy.

Actually, is there anyone who wouldn't appreciate a high-quality beauty product that costs less than a movie ticket? They exist on this list, where your favorite new mascara, hair treatment, lipstick, and more are just a drugstore trip away. You won't spend more than $15 — your secret is safe with us.

On a scale from one to Mariah Carey, you're the most likely to sing "We Belong Together" to a fancy face cream, but that's because you know you can't put a price on looking (and feeling) your best. This list of makeup, body, and skincare indulgences will have you singing their praises — which, frankly, make them worth every penny.

You've picked up enough beauty tips from the streaming service to moonlight as a makeup artist, which is why you look for product launches from the influencers who taught you everything you know. These winning collaborations live up to the hype.

Someone call the AstroTwins, because your ability to call the trends before anyone else is out of this world. This year, the stars brought cool new innovations in CBD skin care, sustainable packaging, and self-tanner — but you probably already knew that, didn't you?

You could be coming straight from a Flywheel class or standing next to a Disney princess, and would still be the best-smelling person in the room. We've found the likely culprits: a handful of scents so good, they linger long after you've walked away.

You're a minimalist by nature, with an Instagram feed worthy of an entire Explore page. Yet, even you know it's not only what's on the outside that counts. These skincare, nail, and makeup picks are the amalgamation of your quintessential aesthetic, but don't worry: the prettiest thing about them has nothing to do with packaging.

If you're the person who sets calendar alerts every time Apple announces its latest iPhone innovation and can't help but feel giddy when you see a virtual-reality kiosk at the mall, behold: the best new tools and tech in beauty (and probably outside of it, too).

There's not much "playing the field" for you — once you've found the product of your dreams, you might as well join its loyalty rewards program. From a tinted lip balm that had our editors hooked at first swipe, to body makeup that existed before body makeup was cool, there are a few OGs to add to your arsenal.

It's like Willie Nelson said: You are always on our minds (Couldn't you tell from our beauty awards categories?), which is why we asked YOU to vote for the beauty brand you think made the most impact this year. We picked six industry-shaking, barrier-breaking nominees — companies that have changed the way we think of everything from body hair in advertising to gender-neutral beauty products, and more — then asked you to weigh in on your favorites.

One week and 15,082 votes later, we've landed on a winner: Saint Jane Beauty, the skincare brand making CBD oil sexy again. Keep reading to learn more about the industry's biggest breakthrough star right now, plus five others in the constellation to keep your eye on.