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Reddit User Depotted 200 Palettes

This Woman Spent 20 Hours Depotting Over 200 Eye Shadows Into 1 Rainbow Palette

I finally depotted all 200+ of my eyeshadows! from MakeupAddiction

It's hard to be a beauty junkie and a minimalist (Hoarders: Makeup Edition could totally be a real show), but according to one Redditor, it can be done. Just expect to put a lot of time into it — like, oh, say, 20 whole hours. That's the amount of time one Redditor named Gina Luttrell spent depotting over 200 of her eye shadows to create one huge, organized rainbow palette. Take a peek at the image of her final result above, which was first spotted by Allure — that color-coordinated goodness is more zen-inducing than that yoga class we slept through this morning.

According to Gina, the process (which she describes as depotting, labeling, adding magnetic stickers, and arranging) took two eight-hour days and one four-hour day. Along with organizing by color, Gina also separated rectangular and circular palettes, which she wrote was the key to not making it look "messy." Along with prettifying things, Gina also noted that she thinks "this allowed for the most economical use of space."

Gina painstakingly worked with some of her beloved palettes and admitted to "losing" some shadows by using too much force. Her collection included Kat Von D's Shade and Light Eye, Urban Decay's Electric, ABH Modern Renaissance, Juvia's Place Nubian 2, and Viseart Dark Mattes.

According to Gina, Jurvia makes the easiest shadows to depot, due to the material. Since it's made out of cardboard, "You can just peel back the [material] from the shadows instead of having to bend the shadows themselves to get them out."

And the hardest? Gina pointed to Viseart. "The plastic was too firm and the glue was too strong . . . I lost the most shadows from this palette." (RIP).

Overall, the price of Gina's efforts ended up being around $98. She used four Allwon Magnetic Makeup Palettes and two Book of Shadows Palettes to get the job done.

We believe Gina deserves a major round of applause-hands emoji. Talk about commitment! We're going to go ahead and bookmark this as inspiration for the next weekend the cleaning muse strikes.

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