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Revlon Candid Products

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Revlon

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Red alert no more. We've partnered with Revlon to introduce three products that'll solve any urgent makeup struggle — from applying foundation on the go to curbing midday shine.

A beauty crisis can strike at any time, in any way. Sometimes your nail chips right before an important event; at other times your once-perfect red lipstick smudges and you can't find a mirror to fix it. Honestly, our hearts are racing just thinking about both scenarios. On the complexion front, we know of three trusty products that'll have your back no matter where you go. Not only will they give you a naturally flawless look in a few simple steps, but they're easy to throw in a crossbody, tote, or carry-on suitcase. Keep reading to discover them for yourself and learn why, collectively, they're the saving grace you've been waiting for.