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Skincare Ingredients With the Best Reviews

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The latest and greatest in skincare is always changing, but it's easy to find products you love when you know where to look! We've teamed up with the Sephora Beauty Insider Community to help you easily navigate the world of beauty.

Learning about skincare is one of my favorite parts of my job as a beauty editor. I always joke that I know more now about science and biology than I ever did in high school. But I have to be honest — keeping up with the latest and greatest in the constantly evolving and innovative skincare industry has been tough even for me! But once I joined the Sephora Beauty Insider Community, it was like having access to an encyclopedia of knowledge at all times. Every skincare question or concern is easily answered with a quick search, making the chore of updating my routine an absolute breeze. There were four buzzy skincare ingredients in particular that were on my radar, but I wanted the real low-down on whether they were worth my time and money. Spoiler alert: they definitely are.

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