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Soap Cherie Unicorn Bath Bomb

This Is When the Viral Unicorn Bath Bomb Will Be Available For Sale

We've already been enchanted by the unicorn bath bomb craze, but one fizzy in particular reigns supreme on its rightful throne of glittery perfection. Soap Cherie, an adorable Brooklyn-based boutique that sells handmade bath and body goodies, is about to release its very own horn-topped bath bomb, and we're giddy with excitement.

The colorful bath accessory will be shaped like a half sphere, covered in shimmery glitter, and topped with a golden horn, naturally. Made with moisturizing and organic ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, these fizzies are an all-natural remedy for dry skin — no artificial dyes included! Plus, they'll leave you glimmering from head to toe when you step out of the tub, so you can truly channel your inner unicorn as soon as you dry off.

We reached out to Soap Cherie for some additional details about these highly anticipated bath bombs, and they gave us the lowdown. These beauties will be available on April 10 online and in stores for $8 each. While you count down the hours until the launch, here's what the sudsy bath treat looks like when it dissolves. So mesmerizing!

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