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Solange's Music Video For "Don't Touch My Hair"

The Title of Solange's Empowering Anthem Says It All: "Don't Touch My Hair"

Following the release of her impressive 21-track album, A Seat at the Table, Solange Knowles debuted two powerful and visually stunning music videos. One of the videos, shown above, is a personal-turned-political ode to black women and hair.

In "Don't Touch My Hair," Solange expresses the symbolic nature of her hair and its inevitably intimate implications. The lyrics read, "Don't touch my hair, when it's the feelings I wear . . . Don't touch my crown, they say the vision I've found." The words are also meant to link her hair to her identity as a black woman and her pride therein.

On YouTube, many people said they could related to the lyrics. One person wrote, "I've been wearing my natural hair for six years now but I continued to cut it throughout middle school and high school because people loved to touch it every time I wore it out. And sometimes, I even had to wear it in a bun just so people wouldn't touch it."

In what appears to be a response to the video and Solange's many incredible hairstyles in it, someone on Twitter asked the singer for her hair secrets. Solange listed a few things from coconut oil to steam from the shower and, of course, her hairstylist Nikki Nelms.

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