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Spray-Tan Tears

This Woman Cried After Her Spray Tan and Was Left With Tear Marks

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There are a few rules to follow after getting a spray tan, but the number one is: do not get wet! As the formula sets on your skin, it needs to dry evenly, and the process takes about eight hours. If you work out or get stuck in the rain without an umbrella, the tanner can wash off in spots, leaving you streaky. So you can imagine it would be a really big problem if someone cried right after getting coated in faux tanner. This woman spotted on Imgur did that, and her sadness is now permanently stained on her face.

In addition to comparing her look to a cinnamon-swirl bun, coffee art, and a lightning scar (Harry Potter!), commenters are also offering advice on how to fix the problem. One former spray-tan employee says, "Go exfoliate and if needed a little self tanner. Also if you go back in, they might fix it for free." Others recommend rubbing alcohol as well as lemon juice mixed with kosher salt. And some feel she should get help to heal whatever made her cry in the first place.

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