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Sunscreen For Hair and Nails

How to Protect Yourself From the Sun From Head to Toe

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Since my early teens, I have become increasingly wary of the sun's ultraviolet rays and I pride myself on being careful to protect myself from both skin cancer and premature signs of aging. I was recently bragging to a friend about my wonderful skin care habits when he pointed out something that hadn't occurred to me: my sunscreen application was pointless if I wasn't reapplying it after two hours. Between the time I apply it in the morning and the time I break for lunch, the SPF has worn off. This made me wonder what other risky sun mistakes we all might be making without realizing it. After doing some research, I will never be caught with any part of my body unprotected again. Read on to find out how to use SPF from head to toe all Summer long.

The Skin Cancer Foundation, exposure to sun can contribute to "vision loss
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