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Tattoo Trends 2019

These 6 Tattoo Trends Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Tattoo Trends 2019
Image Source: Getty / Jessie Casson

Just like hair, makeup, and even fashion, tattoo trends change throughout the years. While the '90s were all about tribal and barbed-wire inks, the 2000s brought on waves of lower back tattoos and nautical-inspired stars. Now with Instagram becoming an essential portfolio tool for artists to share their work, innovation is at an all-time high, and many new tattoo styles are becoming popular.

In 2019, there have been a bevy of styles you're probably already seeing everywhere. Watercolor tattoos, realistic, and pop culture-inspired tattoos are trending, and more artists are drawing inspiration from more traditional art forms and movements.

We've interviewed some of the country's best tattoo artists to get the lowdown on what's new and big in the land of ink. Check the trends out ahead.

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