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Teen Uses Makeup to Draw Celebrities on Her Eyes

This Teen's Celebrity Makeup Illustrations Will Leave You Screaming "HOW?!"

One teen just found out quite the unique (and awe-inspiring) way to show some love for her favorite celebrities, and it's sure to make your jaw hit the floor. A 15-year-old student, Emily Oliver has garnered a notable Twitter following since she began sharing her flawless makeup creations with the Twitter world. But by far her most creative pieces of work are ones in which she uses makeup to draw famous people in the corner of her eye.

It all started when Emily saw the social media buzz surrounding Rihanna's "Wild Thoughts" music video, Buzzfeed reports. To pay tribute to the artist, the teen used makeup to draw a teeny-tiny Rihanna on her face and paired the illustration with stunning blue, red, and gold eye shadow. This look took her a total of four hours to create.

After that, Emily decided to take on another queen of the music industry: Beyoncé. Spoiler alert: it turned out flawless (pun semi-intended). Let's take another look at that Queen Bey makeup, shall we?

The skillful teen has even paid tribute to some of her favorite makeup influencers, including Jaclyn Hill and Bretman Rock.

We are also admiring the fact that people she draws are even wearing makeup, too . . . now that's what we call talent!

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