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Urban Decay Lipstick Tattoo

Prove You're a Die-Hard Urban Decay Junkie With This Official Tattoo

Fans of both watercolor tattoos and Urban Decay have major incentive to celebrate National Lipstick Day this year: official Vice Lipstick-inspired tattoos. The brand worked with tattoo artist Georgia Grey of ink studio Bang Bang NYC to create the custom design above. Not only does it mimic graffiti (totally in line with Urban Decay's edgy aesthetic!), but it also boasts multiple hues, a nod to the gal who can't survive with just one shade of lipstick in her bag.

If you decide to get this glorious ink, you'll receive complimentary Vice lipsticks at your session. Prices on your body art will vary depending on size (how big of an Urban Decay fan are you?), so for more information, contact or stop by the shop to set up a free consult. You have until the end of the year to book your appointment, so when you end up at the parlor, keep an eye out for celebrities! Ink-lovers Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are just two famous fans of Bang Bang. Who knows — maybe you'll bond with a star over your love of lipstick.

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