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Urban Decay Naked Vault Review

It's Back! Urban Decay Resurrects the Naked Vault

Urban Decay Naked Vault Review

I've been a beauty addict since I was a kid. I remember receiving my first tube of (clear!) lipstick at the age of 4. But it was on my 11th birthday that I received a gift that changed my life forever: Urban Decay lip gloss. While it no longer sells the same formula (Big Bang Lip Gunk, a cinnamon-scented glitterbomb of a product), it was that delicious tube that really fueled the fires of my obsession. It started with my AIM (that's AOL Instant Messenger for you young folks) screen name "urbandecayjunkie" and led to my current career in the beauty industry.

For the past 15 years, I've followed every single one of Urban Decay's launches like a paparazzo. I almost had an anxiety attack while trying to purchase the original Urban Decay Naked via a smartphone with limited reception. Luckily, it didn't sell out before I snagged it. Then, I became savvy enough to get on the waiting lists for future Naked palettes. So now that you understand where I am coming from, you'll surely recognize my genuine enthusiasm for introducing you to the latest Naked blockbuster: the Naked Vault ($280).

This chic case is jam-packed with 12 (!) of the brand's best Naked goodies: all three Naked palettes, three double-ended liners, three lip glosses, and three bronzer-blush-highlighter hybrids. Whether you're new to makeup or just want to up your game, this set will help you create every look from a natural glow to a sultry smoky eye. While there aren't any brand-new products in the vault, you are getting these products for $80 less than you would if you bought them separately. And as any beauty junkie knows, that's a pretty penny saved for Urban Decay's other sexy launches. Though the vault originally launched last holiday season, the brand has brought it back for a limited time only, so snap it up while you can!

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