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What to Do When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

So You Slept in Your Makeup — Now What? Reddit Users Share Their Hacks!

What to Do When You Sleep With Your Makeup On
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

If you love skin care, waking up to a face full of old makeup from the night before can feel worse than a hangover. While your nighttime routine probably includes multiple steps, really only one is the most important — removing your makeup.

But sometimes, a late (or tipsy!) night leads to early morning regrets. When you forget to take off your makeup (happens to the best of us), you might feel like a total swamp monster. Luckily, stained pillows don't have to dampen your day, because damage control exists for a reason.

While we don't recommend turning to these tips every single morning (clean your damn face, people!), we found a few suggestions on Reddit for dealing with your (cosmetic) morning after.

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