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What Will Be in the Lisa Frank Makeup Line?

The Latest Update in the Lisa Frank Makeup Line Will Have '90s Girls Saying "OMG!"

Nearly two months ago, our nostalgic hearts were sent into a flurry of excitement over the announcement that Glamour Dolls Makeup started a Kickstarter campaign to make a Lisa Frank-inspired line of beauty products. We basically cried rainbow tears of joy, especially when it was officially confirmed that the collaboration is, in fact, 100 percent happening.

Though the Kickstarter program had the initial goal of raising $30,000, Lisa Frank wannabes came through and raised more than $370,000. (Oh, the influential powers of nostalgia.) At first, the only concrete preview of the collection was its vibrant unicorn blush brush, which has been available for presale. Plus, there were talks of a possible lip balm, matte mousse, lipstick, highlighter, and vegan leather makeup bag.

Now that the campaign has totally surpassed its fundraising goal, Glamour Dolls has released some updates on exactly what types of products will be in the technicolor collection. You may want to brace yourself, because these goodies are almost too good to be true.


It looks like the glittery nail polishes of our dreams will be added to the lineup, along with a crease brush, mini travel bronzer, and eye shadow. Plus, there will be not one but three palettes designed to look like Trapper Keepers — you know, those nifty little binders that have a wrap-around Velcro closure. It was definitely the hottest school supply back in the day, and now it's getting a total (glam) makeover. What a trip down memory lane!

Although the official designs of these products haven't been released yet, you can bet we'll be sharing any and all news related to the collection as soon as we hear about it.

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