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Why I Go to a Korean Spa

Going to Korean Spas Gives My Skin and My Mind the R&R They Need

Why I Go to a Korean Spa
Image Source: Instagram user jesamarie_

My first Korean spa experience took place after I had just graduating college. I was stressed. My skin was a wreck, and my best friend (who is Korean) suggested that I go to one of these facilities to completely reset my skin and my mind.

I remember walking around exploring its many amenities and thinking how comforted I was. Its dry saunas and tea-infused, temperature-controlled pools were relaxing and left my skin incomparably soft and glowing. The unapologetic nudity (women didn't wear clothes in the locker rooms and select pools) made me feel completely free and unashamed of my body as I romped around without clothes. Its food was also comforting, as it served savory bibimbap (a rice dish served in a hot stone bowl that I recalled my mother and I often sharing when I was young).

SoJo Spa Club is a facility in Edgewater, NJ, inspired by Korean spa experiences. I always leave this spa, and others that I have visited, with a full stomach, full heart, and my most radiant skin. Read all about my experience, ahead.

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