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Winter Glow Products

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Winter is only halfway done. We teamed up with Nordstrom to make sure your skincare routine is up to par, from getting that much-needed dewy glow to aging beautifully and detoxing. Still looking for some inspiration? Pop by your local Nordstrom and ask an expert to help you discover your own personal Beauty Ritual.

It's the middle of Winter, and your skin has had its fair share of dry spells. And no matter how often you apply your favorite tried and true moisturizer, you still can't get that dewy complexion. We get it. You need something with a little more oomph to make your beauty routine more holistic, to work harder for you, and to bring back your glow.

Instead of sticking with the same old routine, try experimenting with some glow-inducing products that are targeted to solve your biggest skin concerns, like dullness, flakiness, and lack of elasticity. Below, we've gathered the best products, each of which will leave your complexion delightfully dewy.