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You Look Disgusting Video

Acne-Prone Blogger Slams Her Haters With Emotional Video

YouTube beauty bloggers have it tough. Their job (and passion!) subjects them to the comments of millions — and many of these comments are vicious and hateful. We're proud to see that some are finally taking a stand against their haters! First it was NikkieTutorials with her viral #PowerOfMakeup video, and now Em Ford of My Pale Skin is hitting back.

A few months ago, Em began posting videos of herself — acne-prone skin and all — without makeup. Viewers started hurling rude judgments like "WTF is wrong with her face?" and "You look disgusting." Em also got comments from subscribers who also suffer from acne, begging for help and divulging serious depression. She decided to make a video that showed the unrealistic expectations set by social media. "As a society, we're so used to seeing false images of perfection and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards," she said. "It can be hard to remember the most important thing — you ARE beautiful."

After sharing the video, Em received an outpouring of support on social media, making the hashtag #YouLookDisgusting go viral. Watch and prepare to feel moved.

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