Alicia Keys's New Moisturizer Will Make You Feel Fancy AF — For Just $30

POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington
POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington
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For me, there is no divide between beauty and self-care. I view beauty, particularly skin care, as one of the purest forms of self-care. When you do a face mask or paint your nails, you're putting energy and time back into yourself, which is something I believe we could all use more of, especially these days.

Because of this, I love when a beauty product feels like an experience or a ritual, and that's the best way I can describe the new Skin Transformation Cream from Alicia Keys's new skin-care line. When I heard Keys was launching a lifestyle beauty brand, I knew right there and then that it was going to be good. If anyone understands the importance of taking care of yourself, it's her.

The Keys Soulcare Skin Transformation Cream ($30) is a rich moisturizer and one of the first skin-care products to launch in the new line, along with a Sage + Oat Milk Candle and Obsidian Facial Roller. It's formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump skin, a naturally occurring mineral called malachite to purify, and bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol that helps improve texture and tone.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington

It comes in this beautiful, deep-purple glass jar that makes it feel much more expensive than it is and adds to the luxurious feel of the product. And just like the rest of the products in Keys's line, it has an affirmation coupled with it. This one reads "I welcome all circumstances as catalysts for change."

Even though the cream has all of these rich ingredients, it doesn't feel heavy like most nighttime moisturizers. It glides really smoothly onto the skin and feels lightweight. Within minutes of applying it, the formula absorbs completely into a soft finish and isn't sticky or greasy. I would imagine that it provides you with a great base for makeup application, but because it has bakuchiol in the formula, it should only really be used in the evening (maybe Keys will make a daytime iteration next . . . ). There's also no strong smell, a big perk for those with sensitive skin.

I've always liked to slather myself in moisturizer, especially as the weather gets colder, but when I say that I wanted to bathe in this jar, I mean it. The consistency of the Keys Soulcare Skin Transformation Cream ($30) feels so hydrating that you just want to keep reapplying it over and over. The glow that it gives your skin is also addictive; it leaves you with a dewy, radiant-looking complexion. Even though it takes a couple of weeks to really start to see results from new skin-care products, I swear my skin looked smoother and more glowy the next morning after using it.