The "Amaretto Biscotti" Hair Color Is Perfect For Blondes Looking to Spice Up Their Look

The overarching theme of this season's biggest hair-color trends: they look as good as they sound. With "black cherry," "chocolate almond," and "black espresso" hair colors already gaining popularity among brunettes, it only makes sense that "amaretto biscotti" is the next best fall hair color for blondes.

Named after the sweet toasted almond cookie, this fall hair color is a warm golden blond that looks flattering on all skin tones. "This amaretto biscotti shade looks like a combination of light and bright confection, toasted almonds with a touch of nutmeg, and organic sugar cane," said Leianna Hillo, the lead colorist at eSalon. "You can almost taste the fresh-baked cookies as you swish and flip your hair away."

Hillo notes that this hair color works best on light to dark blond hair and serves as an easy way to spice up your hairstyle for fall and beyond as we transition into the colder winter months. To achieve this look at the salon, Hillo said: "Start with a medium brown or dark blond base, adding natural copper tones to bring warmth and shine to your look. Then pop in a hint of light-reflecting golden tones for those moments when we need to bring a little glow to our facial features."

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