Our Love For These "Positions" Makeup Looks Is, to Quote Ariana Grande Herself, Infinite

Less than a week after Ariana Grande released the empowering music video for her new single, "Positions," fans are already re-creating her distinctive, mod makeup looks. Though she takes on the role of president, Grande's '60s-inspired style in the video closely resembles that of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Her hair and makeup similarly match the swinging decade, with her dramatic cat eye and contrasting cut-crease eyeshadow being a real focal point, as well as the common theme among the fun re-creations happening on TikTok and Instagram. Some people, however, also chose to re-create the full look — bouffant and all. Enjoy some of our favorites ahead.

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Watch Ariana Grande's "Positions" Music Video

See People's Re-Creations of Ariana Grande's "Positions" Makeup Look