Ashley Benson Put a Geometric Twist on the Supermodel Nail Trend

Ashley Benson has a solution for anyone who loves the supermodel nails trend, but wants something a bit more unique. In a mirror selfie posted on Instagram on Aug. 24, the actor can be seen having a little self-care moment with her hair up and a face mask on, but her supermodel nails with a geometric twist are what really grabbed our attention.

For those who don't know, supermodel nails have been a mainstay in Hollywood for the past year. The manicure is characterized by a neutral, sometimes sheer, wash of color on the nails with clean nail beds. It gives the look of barely there nail polish, like your natural nails but better. Supermodel nails are great, but if you're someone who likes to make more of a statement with your manicure, the design-less look can be a little too underwhelming — but Benson's take on the trend remedies that.

On top of a light pink, neutral base, each of Benson's fingers is decorated with a different geometric design in black fine lines. Her pointer fingers have a half-moon shape at the nail bed; her middle fingers, have a small triangle; and her pink fingers contain a small black dot. But the real standout detail can be found on her ring fingers: a large evil eye with spiky lashes extending up from the bottom of her nails.

The manicure is still minimal, but eye-catching, making it perfect for transitioning into fall. Take a closer look at Benson's nails for yourself, ahead.