Ashley Graham's $5 Footcare Trick Is the Perfect Way to Get a "Glistening" Pedicure

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Ashley Graham is a busy mom-to-be, but even with a baby on the way, she still finds time to prioritize self-care. In an interview with Elle, Graham revealed the must-know beauty secret she uses to keep her skin feeling hydrated and soft, even when she's on the go: the Sephora Collection Foot Mask ($5).

"It's like a sock," she said. "It's a foot mask, so because I'm always on the go, I never have time for a pedicure." Graham added that she carries a heel scrubber to smooth away thick, hardened skin. "That's why my feet are glistening right now," she said. Such a simple and useful hack.

The affordable foot mask isn't the only beauty essential Graham keeps with her at all times. "I use the hand masks, too," she added, referring to the Sephora Collection Hand Mask ($5). "I just throw it in my bag if I'm feeling dry or if I feel like my cuticles need a little love. I also always travel with a cuticle trimmer. I hate skin. If I see a little piece of skin, I cut it." Keep scrolling to shop Graham's beauty must haves ahead.