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The Most Mesmerizing ASMR Skin-Care TikTok Videos

We're Not the Only Ones Obsessively Watching These ASMR Skin-Care Videos on TikTok, Right?


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♬ Golden Hour ASMR - Bliss

ASMR: you either love it to the point of falling down a TikTok rabbit hole in the middle of the night or you just don't really understand the hype. If you identify with the former group — first, hi, welcome — you're going to love the ASMR skin-care trend that's all over the video app.

Skin-care fanatics on TikTok are showing up to take part in the Golden Hour ASMR challenge started by Bliss. Since the original video was created, over 6,000 videos have been made with the audio. Using under-eye patches, bubble masks, foaming cleansers, and serums infused with gold flecks, people are recording close-ups of their morning or nighttime skin-care regimens to bubbly background sounds.

We don't know what it is about watching people smear and slather their faces in various skin-care products, but we can't seem to stop watching. And it appears that more than a few other users on TikTok can relate — some of the videos have garnered over two million likes.

Watch the mesmerizing ASMR skin-care videos from TikTok for yourself ahead.

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