Ava Phillippe Dressed Up as Her 15-Year-Old Self, and I'm Having Middle School Flashbacks

While a lot of us probably cringe at the thought of what we used to wear in middle school, Ava Phillippe is truly embracing her 15-year-old self, rose-colored hair color and all. In an Instagram video this weekend, Phillippe shared a photo of herself in 2014 with marvelous pink hair and a pastel choker necklace. Phillippe then pulled the camera back to reveal her present-day self side-by-side with the photo, donning the same look she wore as a teenager — so cute.

"Dressed up as my 2014 self last night, proving that her essence is alive and well," the 20-year-old wrote, earning her a cute nickname from her mom Reese Witherspoon: "pinky." Phillippe has been compared to her mom several times in the past for their strikingly similar featuresthey're practically twins — but this look is all her, and we are absolutely loving it. Keep reading to see more throwback photos of Phillippe rocking a soft pink 'do.