Is Banana Powder the Latest Old-Made-New-Again Makeup Trend?

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It's pretty standard for makeup trends to go in and out of style as times goes on, but far less common for that to happen with products. Things like our foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer are pretty constant — what changes is how we use them. Banana powder, on the other hand, fell out of favor for a few years when translucent powders took center stage but this old-made-new-again makeup product is back in a big way.

Still, it has long been a secret weapon of makeup artists and is touted for its many abilities. "Banana powder is more advanced than translucent powder because it illuminates, smoothes, and brightens all at once," Jenna Kristina, makeup artist and US brand ambassador for Maybelline New York, told POPSUGAR. "It's mattifying and microfine, which means it won't sit in any fine lines or attach to any imperfections. It gives you that soft focus airbrush finish we all want."

Part of the magic comes from the powder's yellow pigment. Unlike translucent powders that can leave a white cast on the skin, which can be noticeable on darker skin tones, banana powders are universally flattering. "Banana powder doesn't just set your makeup [like translucent powder does], it brightens and is perfect for baking under your eyes," said Kristina. "If the term baking is intimidating then just lightly dust with a fluffy setting brush, you'll still get the brightening benefits."

Since the OG banana powder Ben Nye Luxury Powders in Banana ($27) took the beauty world by storm, many brands have launched their own version of the product, proving that the makeup trend is back for 2020.

"I think banana powder is regaining popularity because it works for whatever makeup look you're trying to achieve," said Kristina. "Who doesn't want a smoother brighter complexion? It works for the person searching for a natural look, the full beat, and everything in between."

Ahead, we rounded up a few of our favorite banana powders to hit the market this year.