20 Beach Hairstyle Ideas For Summer and Beyond

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It's finally time to unearth your woven tote from last year and head to the beach for some much-deserved fun in the sun. Summer necessities include water for hydration, sunscreen, sunnies, some reading material, and a good beach hairstyle to keep the salty knots and tangles at bay. It can be challenging to decide what style you want to commit to when the ocean breeze interferes with your look.

The beach is the perfect place to try out new hairstyle trends and be more playful with your look. For many, the tricky part can come in when your hair gets wet. As much as you'd probably like it to dry naturally into the beautiful, idyllic beach waves from your dreams, it's not that simple.

Expert Featured in This Article

Donavin Maxwell is a hairstylist at Frédéric Fekkai Salon in New York City.

To give your hair a helping hand, hairstylist Donavin Maxwell recommends using anti-frizz or curl-defining creams, like the Fekkai Brilliant Gloss Glass Hair Anti-Frizz Oil Serum ($30) and IGK's Rich Kid Cream Coconut Oil Air-Dry Styling Cream ($29), to help control frizz and achieve a polished look when air-drying hair. As for styling, Maxwell prefers polished looks. "I always recommend putting hair in a sleek ponytail, clean bun, or experimenting with different kinds of braids," he tells PS.

If you need some inspiration, check out the hairstyles below to prepare for your next beach day.

Spunky Updo

We've never met a spunky updo we didn't like, especially for the beach. This style works with any hair type and can be tweaked to your liking, depending on how much sass you want your look to have.

Braided Ponytail

Complete your beach look by pulling your braids up into an effortless ponytail or bun. Leaving a few pieces out creates a more laid-back vibe.

Claw-Clip Hairstyle

A chic claw clip goes a long way at the beach. There's a variety of different styles you can create with this one accessory.

Slicked-Back Bob

If you feel like your styling options are limited because your hair is short, think again. Bobs look amazing slicked back by the salty sea. If a dip in the ocean isn't really your thing, try products an anti-frizz treatment and moisturizing products for that wet, slicked-back look.

Cowboy Hat

Sometimes you need to throw on a cowboy hat and call it a (beach) day. This hat is the ultimate beach accessory because it looks cute and blocks the sun.

Traditional Baseball Cap Style

Opt for a classic baseball cap for that sporty, put-together look. What's best is you can hide a bad hair day with your hat and style a ponytail or bun or embrace your natural waves.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

Look like a '60s queen with this retro half-up, half-down hairstyle for your beach day. Style your hair straight and separate the top half into a high bun to get the look.

Versatile Half-Up, Half-Down Style

How versatile is this half-up, half-down style? Take this look from the beach to the bars and make it your own by wearing your hair either straight or wavy.

Slicked-Back Messy Bun

Slick your hair back with pomade or gel and curl your bun for a fun beach-day style.

Sun Hat

A big, loud beach hat is the perfect distraction from a bad hair day. Go undercover with a classic style or stand out with something bright and colorful.

Bandana Hairstyle

Coordinating your swimsuit with your hair accessory is the key to an Instagram-worthy beach look. This bandana keeps the sun off your scalp and cuts down on frizz at the roots.

Low-Maintenance Claw Clip Updo

Take it easy with a low-maintenance claw clip updo. After a day in the sun, this accessory is your best friend. Pick up your hair and place it low on your head for an effortless solution to beach-day laziness.

Hybrid Cornrows and Curls Hairstyle

There's no better place to embrace your natural texture than the beach. With this look, cornrows will keep your hair out of your face while your curls shine. It's the perfect hybrid hairstyle.

Low Bun With a Middle Part

Low buns with a middle part always look sharp. Part your hair in the middle and slick the sides back to create an easy, chic bun that will stay in place throughout your beach day.

Floral Accessories

Lean into the tropical vibes with a colorful flower accessory — the placement is up to you. Consider styling it next to your ear, at the base of your ponytail, or even in your bun.

Basic Ponytail

A classic ponytail guarantees a fuss-free day at the beach. Pull your hair up in a traditional pony and bring hairspray in your tote to dismiss flyaways as the ocean wind blows in your direction.

Curled Updo

If you want something more photo-ready, try a polished updo for your next day in the sun. Start by pulling your hair into a high, messy bun and curling any pieces sticking out. For a more elevated style, incorporate accessories that match your look.

Bubble Braids

How adorable are these bubble braids? This style is perfect for a playful day at the beach — not to mention great for longer lengths.

Messy Bun

There's something sexy and playful about an effortless, messy bun. There's only one rule when it comes to this style: make sure it's not perfect.

Air-Dried Beach Waves

If you've got it, flaunt it. If you want to wear your hair down, own your air-dried beach waves. Keep a texture or wave spray on hand to enhance your look.

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