Becky G Reveals the One Beauty Rule Not Even "Drunk Becky" Breaks

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It's been less than a year since Becky G launched Treslucé Beauty, her color cosmetics brand inspired by her Latinx heritage. In that time, she has released quite a few additions to that debut collection and won a POPSUGAR Beauty Award for her eyeliner pencils, and now, she's expanding into Ulta Beauty. The entire process, she tells POPSUGAR, has been a dream come true.

"Before Treslucé was even a real thing, to be honest, creating my own beauty brand was one of my biggest goals," she says. That love for makeup started at a young age and has only intensified as she's gotten older. Now, with her own company, she gets to fuse that passion for beauty with her career in music.

Below, Becky talks about her brand's expansion into Ulta Beauty, the beauty rules she lives by, and a funny music-video memory that she's never shared before.

Why Ulta Beauty Was Such a Great Fit For Treslucé

Ulta Beauty is Becky's favorite beauty retailer and has been for a while. "I literally have an Ulta down the street from my house that I can walk to — that I go to with my mom and my sister all the time," she says. Growing up, she loved the beauty retailer for its diverse mix of brands, and when she launched Treslucé, she dreamed of one day seeing her line on the shelves.

"I just kept picturing [it] and closing my eyes," she says. "In my head, I'm just like, 'I see the end cap.'" It only took a few months to make that dream a reality. As of March 13, Treslucé will be in 350-plus stores nationwide and available online. "It's all finally happening."

How Becky G's Love For Beauty Started

Courtesy of Treslucé Beauty

Becky's earliest memory of makeup is from the ripe age of three years old. She credits her mom, who she calls a "cool mom," for always allowing her to express herself. "Makeup was one of my favorite forms [to express myself], besides music, entertaining people, writing poems," she says.

It didn't take long for that experimentation to turn into a full hobby and then a side hustle. At just 13 years old, she recalls doing her cousins' makeup before they'd go out. "I'd be like, 'Give me 20 bucks, and I'll do your makeup,'" Becky says.

It's something she still does to this day. Recently, she used her Treslucé products to do her cousin's makeup at her wedding. "She was tearing and everything, and I'm like, 'It's okay, girl. I got you.' I was doing all of the touch-ups before she walked down the aisle."

Why Becky G Wanted to Create a Brand For the Latinx Community

Becky's love for makeup translated into quite a few partnerships that she enjoyed with well-established brands — she was the face of CoverGirl at just 15 years old — but she always knew she wanted more. "It's more important to me to also have ownership — to show our community that we should be participating in other ways than just being the pretty Latina face that helps a bigger brand check a box for diversity," she says. "Dedicating a beauty brand like Treslucé to being a vessel for the Latinx community is necessary because Latinx representation has kind of missed the mark for many years."

It's with that in mind that she didn't name the company "Becky G Cosmetics" or something like that. She wanted the brand to represent Latinx as a whole — not just herself.

Becky G's Favorite Treslucé Product

As any proud creator does, Becky uses her Treslucé makeup products daily, but there's one that she reaches for the most: her Ready to Bounce Blush ($16). "My little sister is obsessed with them at the moment," Becky says. "She stole mine."

The colors "Out the Door," a peachy pink, and "On the Move," a beige peach, are her go-to shades. "If I had to just choose one product [to] just slap it on my face so I look alive, it would be our blush."

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Becky G's Funniest Music-Video Memory

With a robust collection of songs under her belt and viral music videos to go with them, Becky has enough music-video memories to last a lifetime, but there's one that she dubs her funniest moment yet (and she's never shared it before now). It was for the song "Díganle" with Leslie Grace and CNCO from 2017. In the video, there was this heavy rain shower that the singers had to stand under. She had just started working with a new makeup artist, and they didn't have any waterproof products in their kit.

"I'm like, 'We're going to be in the pouring rain. Lash glue is not going to last me — the lashes are going to start coming off on the first take. The mascara's going to start running,'" Becky says. Then her hairstylist had an idea: spray your face with hairspray.

"I literally sprayed my whole face with Aqua Net in the video," she says. "I was desperate."

The Beauty Rule Becky G Lives By


Becky follows a strict skin-care regimen (Aqua Net aside). "Skin care is part of the prep for a good beat," she says. So, rule number one: she never sleeps in makeup. "Like never, ever, ever, ever. Even when drunk Becky has the best night of her life, she is very responsible, lashes put away, no makeup on the face. I wake up so proud of her."

Her favorite product is toner, and she has two that she's loving right now: the Sonya Dakar Green Energy Clarifying Toner ($46) and the Olehenriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner ($32).