Bella Hadid Chose Classic French Tips as Her Birthday Nail Art, With One Tiny Update

With her Oct. 9 birthday just around the corner, Bella Hadid decided to visit manicurist Mei Kawajiri to get a fresh french manicure. However, the model also put her personal twist on the classic nail art with a tiny, yet eye-catching, addition.

Hadid had two capital B's painted on her thumbs followed by periods. In Kawajiri's Instagram photo of the look, she wrote, "B.ELLA. B.irthday nails," to express the manicure's multiple meanings.

Hadid added one more word that the letter could stand for: "A boss ass lady tho," she wrote in her post of the look. The caption was also was a reference to her "Be a lady," thumb ring.

Lately, the french manicure has been experiencing a resurgence among celebrities, as the look has been seen on both red carpets and runways. For Hadid, this isn't the first time she's worn the nail art this year. She posted a selfie back in August that had her french tips front and center.

Check out Hadid's latest nail look ahead.

Bella Hadid's French Manicure October 2019
Instagram | nailsbymei

Bella Hadid's French Manicure October 2019

Hadid posted photos of her birthday manicure, which featured french tips.

Bella Hadid's French Manicure August 2019

In August, Hadid posted a selfie with friend Fanny Bourdette Donon that revealed her french manicure.