Of Course Someone Turned the Bernie Sanders Meme Into Lip Art

When Bernie Sanders attended the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Jan. 20, the last thing he probably imagined was that, by the end of the week, he'd become one of the biggest memes of the year so far. But that's exactly what happened when a photo of him looking cozy AF at the event in a winter coat, a mask, and some mittens quickly went viral, which led to the senator being photoshopped into all sorts of scenarios from the New York City subway to even Bella and Edward's wedding in Twilight.

Of course, a meme wouldn't actually be a meme if it didn't make its way over to the beauty world. A makeup artist named Ryan Kelly recently put a glamorous spin on the meme by taking the photo of a sitting Senator Sanders and turning it into lip art. In a photo shared to Instagram, Sanders — mittens and all — can be seen painted on Kelly's lips in front of a colorful backdrop. "This man just gives me all the 70s vibes. I had to turn him into a retro queen," she captioned it. If that wasn't great enough, she even photoshopped some nail art on her finger inspired by his now-infamous mittens. Talk about attention to detail.

To get the look, Kelly explained that she used two separate palettes from NYX and Mehron Makeup. Get a peek at how she did it above.