7 Beauty Moments From Keeping Up With the Kardashians That We'll Honestly Never Forget

Kim Kardashian and her siblings collectively announced on Sept. 8 that the family will officially be saying goodbye to their reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in early 2021, after 14 years on E! For 18 seasons, the show has given us too many iconic moments to count — like when Kim spent Khloé's entire ride to jail taking selfies, or when Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean — but it's also had its fair share of memorable beauty moments as well. (Remember the lengths Kim went to to prove her butt isn't fake?)

If you're in need of a brief refresher, or you just want to revisit the hilarious clips for fun, read ahead to check out some of the most iconic beauty moments from past episodes of KUWTK.

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When Kim Addressed Butt-Implant Rumors With a Butt X-Ray

The debate over whether or not Kim's . . . uh . . . rear end is real or surgically enhanced may not be something that the KKW Beauty founder spends a lot of time thinking about these days (we'd imagine she has way better things to do), but in earlier seasons of KUWTK, it was a rumor that she spent a decent amount of time trying to debunk.

In one episode in particular, after a tabloid accuses Kim of getting plastic surgery, Kourtney and Khloé convince her to get an X-ray of her butt to prove her skeptics wrong.

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When Kylie Opened Up About Getting Lip Fillers

Considering the entire world has watched her go from adolescent to adult, Kylie's plastic-surgery debacle may have stirred even more conversation than Kim's. Back in 2015, just as Kylie's star was beginning to rise, questions over whether or not she was plumping her lips were all over the internet.

After spending some time denying the rumors and chalking her new look up to overlining her lips, the then-teenager finally sets things straight on the show and admits to getting lip fillers, her reason being that she spent years being embarrassed of her small lips.

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When Kris Jenner Briefly Went Platinum Blond

Kim and Khloé aren't the only ones in the family who look great as blondes. In a 2018 episode, Kris decides to spend a few days sporting a platinum wig to test out what it'd be like to go blond minus all the extra work and bleaching. Not only does she end up looking amazing, but at some point in the episode, she completely runs with the fact that, according to Kim, the blond hair makes her look a lot like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada — and it only gets more hilarious from there.

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When Kim and Khloé Got Laser Hair Removal Together

There are so many moments on the earlier seasons of KUWTK that are a lot less calculated and more fun to watch. Like the time Khloé and Kim go to get laser hair removal together and give birth to a moment that sees Khloé naturally making fun of Kim because of her too-high standards and Kim later complimenting the appearance of Khloé's vagina. Gotta love bonding with your siblings!

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When Kendall Hilariously Impersonated Kylie

In an episode that aired back in December, the family decide to have a little fun by dressing up as each other: Kourtney as Kim, Khloé as Kris, Kris as Khloé, and Kendall as Kylie. For Kendall's stint as her billionaire younger sibling, the supermodel throws on one of Kylie's many signature wigs in a pink ombré color before testing out some of her Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks, even jokingly overlining her lips the way Kylie did before getting lip fillers.

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When Khloé Got Laser Treatment on Her Butt

Leave it to a Kardashian to make getting laser treatment a family affair. In this episode, Khloé decides to get laser treatment on her butt to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite and invites Kim and Kendall — who are seen picking from a dish of finger foods on the side — along for the ride.

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When Kris Hand-Fed Kylie Tacos After Her Eye Surgery

OK, so this moment is technically just beauty-adjacent, but you have to admit that there's nothing funnier than seeing Kris act as Kylie's own personal chef following the beauty mogul's eye surgery.