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The Best Skin-Care Products With Azelaic Acid

17 Skin-Care Products That Have Game-Changing Azelaic Acid as an Ingredient

The Best Skin-Care Products With Azelaic Acid
Image Source: Sephora

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Niacinamide has been picking up steam as the do-it-all skin-care ingredient in the last few years, and rightfully so. However, there is another fairly underrated ingredient that is just as versatile and deserves as much of the hype. Meet azelaic acid, the game-changing skin-care ingredient that also does it all. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and a tyrosinase inhibitor (in other words, it helps fade hyperpigmentation). Traditionally, azelaic acid is used to treat those with rosacea, but it can be beneficial for anyone.

This ingredient is a must-have for those who have acne-prone, sensitive, or generally reactive skin. If you have dark spots or scars, it is as powerful as the controversial ingredient hydroquinone but without the side effects. It's pregnancy-safe, plays well with a lot of other ingredients including niacinamide, and can be used by all skin types. Whether you use products with this ingredient day or night, sunscreen is a must. From serums to masks, we curated the best skin-care products that contain azelaic acid.

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