Billie Eilish Hilariously Demonstrates How *Not* to Wash Your Face in New Skin-Care Routine

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Billie Eilish is graciously unveiling her skin-care secrets. On Thursday, the singer, who recently launched her own perfume, shared her post-show nighttime beauty routine in a video for Vogue. Seeing as how she has such glowy skin, I was very excited to learn what her "incredibly rejuvenating" regime entails. (Spoiler: it involves a lot of moisturizing. "I want to look like somebody just dipped me in honey," she said.) While she definitely delivered, the video is not without its comedic moments, including a hilarious demonstration of how she used to "violently" wash her face.

As she gently pat her face with toners and lathered on creams, Eilish explained she's had a skin-care routine since she was 12 years old, thanks to her brother Finneas, who "went through bad skin years" himself. "He basically showed me all of the stuff that I started using then, which was this random drugstore stuff that we didn't know anything about," she said.

Nowadays, Eilish starts off her skin-care routine, which she says helps her mentally, with vegan and cruelty-free Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes ($12) before moving on to a slew of products by LA-based aesthetician Biba de Sousa, including a zinc mask, cleansing gel, toners, daily moisturizer, and night cream. She topped off her nighttime routine with "the love of my life," Aquaphor, which she keeps in her pocket in addition to six more in her bag at all times.

While washing her face, Eilish also emphasized the importance of cleansing and drying very gently. "I used to wash my face so violently, and a friend commented one time. She was like, 'Why are you so rough with your face?'" Eilish then exhibited just how she used to wash her face — quite violently indeed — while describing it as how men wash their faces. Above, watch the singer's full nighttime routine and prepare for great tips and great laughs.