Blue Ivy Carter Is Only 8, and She's Better at Halloween Makeup Than I'll Ever Be

Hi, good afternoon! Just stopping by with a daily reminder that, even at 8 years old, Blue Ivy Carter's talents will always heavily outweigh our own — especially when it comes to applying makeup. On Oct. 10, Carter's grandmother, Tina Knowles, shared a selfie on Instagram in which she appeared to be testing out some Halloween makeup that, as she pointed out in the caption, was applied by Carter herself.

"My Blue is a great make up artist," she wrote next to a photo of herself wearing skeleton makeup. "She made me into Grandma Skeleton!!" She didn't give any details on any of the products Carter used, but we imagine she used mostly black face paint that she offset with some bright red lipstick.

Knowles has revealed before that Carter is a budding creative with a strong interest in makeup. "I've bought Blue so many makeup kits, much to her dad's dismay," she told Entertainment Tonight at BeautyCon in 2019. "She puts stones and does all this fancy stuff. She can do a perfect cat eye. She's a little artist." While we're still holding out hope that she eventually will start a YouTube channel and live life as the beauty influencer she deserves to be (when she's of age, of course), right now we'll refocus our efforts on trying to see if she's taking appointments to do our Halloween makeup next.

Check out Knowles's skeleton makeup in the photo above.