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Bob Haircut Tips: What to Know Before Cutting Your Hair

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Bob Haircut, According to the Pros

Right now, there's nothing trendier than a bob haircut. You only need to take one look at the fashion runways in London and Paris or any red carpet event β€” where nearly every celebrity is rocking one β€” to understand that the hairstyle is having a moment. But unlike celebrities, you may not have the time or the funds to purchase hair extensions should you decide you no longer want a short cut. Changing up your hair is always nerve-racking, whether that's with a cut or a new color, but it doesn't have to be if you do your homework beforehand and know what you're getting yourself into. And that's especially true for bob hairstyles, where the final results (and daily styling maintenance) varies greatly depending on hair texture and type.

There are also quite a few kinds of bobs: there's the classic castle bob, the inverted bob and blunt bob, and then there are curly bobs, choppy bobs, and asymmetrical ones, and each ones requires different styling and upkeep. When choosing the right type of bob for you, it's always best to consult an expert, but we've done some of the research for you to help you reach a decision.

We tapped the brain of hairstylist Paul Windle, owner of Windle London salon, and hairstylist Jason Collier to provide you with as much information as you might possibly need before booking a haircut appointment.

Read on for the pros expert advice on what you should consider before getting a bob.

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