Braided Bangs Are the Old-School Hairstyle We're Happy to See Making a Comeback


Plenty of us have been wearing braided hairstyles like cornrows and box braids for as long as we can remember, and as much as we love a classic braided style without all the bells and whistles, we do appreciate when a more modern take on the look pops up. Take braided bangs, for example, which are plaited bangs that are usually worn with box-braid bobs and lobs and accessorized with items like beads and shells.

Fringe braids were worn by the late musician Rick James in the early days of his career, and these days, they're popular among the festival-going crowd and others who are eager to add some edge to their hairstyles every once in a while. Celebrities like SZA, Beyoncé, and Ciara have all been seen sporting the trend. Though the braids are a wildly popular protective style worn mainly in the summer, bangs always do seem to make a resurgence in fall — making the cooler months an even better time to swoon over the style.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite takes on braided bangs, so if you're looking for inspiration that you can bring with you to your next hair appointment, or if you just want to drool over the gorgeous styles, keep scrolling.

SZA's Braided Bangs

We love the color-coordinated beads on SZA's braided bangs.

Top Knot With Braided Bangs

These braided bangs take a simple top knot up a notch.

Colorful Braided Bangs

The ice-blue color of these braided bangs is stunning.

Braided Bangs With Gold Beads

The gold beads on this braided-bangs hairstyle tie this woman's entire look together.

Braided Bangs With Conch Beads

Spice up your braided bangs with fun conch beads.

Gold Braided Bangs

We're obsessed with these gold braided bangs.

Braided Bangs on Short Hair

We can't get enough of these stunning braided bangs.