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Burnt Orange Hair Color Is the Spring Trend You Need To Try

Burnt Orange Hair Color Is Taking Over This Season, and It's as Hot as It Sounds

From "drenched" hair color to bold accessories, this year has already seen a fair share of top-notch hair trends, and they aren't stopping there. Burnt orange hair color is the newest trend to gain popularity as of late, and it's as hot as it sounds. This bright shade can take hold on any color and texture, due in part to the mix of vibrant red and orange hues that create a burnt orange look that's all kinds of fiery.

With natural curls beaming bright to ombré ends boasting bold color, this 2020 trend is heating up this season with red-hot looks we can't take our eyes off of. If you're feeling adventurous (or just totally enthralled with this color), read ahead to see the different ways you can incorporate burnt orange hair into your look. Trust us when we tell you that this is one of the hands-down hottest hair trends yet.

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