Why Just About Everyone Will Be Asking For "Camouflage" Hair Color This Fall

Like in combat or with concealer, or even in the case of Regina George (who definitely wants you to pair those army pants and flip flops), the word "camouflage" typically refers to working with, not against, the things around you. It is to blend into one's surroundings, especially the colors, which is why it is the perfect technique to ask for at your next hair-color appointment.

Originally coined by Frédéric Fekkai, veteran hairstylist and founder of Fekkai brands, this trend fuses darker lowlights with your base color to create the most natural-looking (not to mention low-key) effect. Plus, after the difficult year that was 2020, "simple" and "easy upkeep" seems to be the unifying theme you'll be seeing in the fall season . . . and this hair-color technique most definitely delivers.

"I predict people [will be] going dark, or at least darkening their highlights for a more tone-on-tone look," said Fekkai. "Since COVID and with the confinement, many people chose to leave their hair natural or grey. We have introduced the technique called 'camouflage' where, for instance, we do not cover all grey hair but rather do lowlights in the same tone as someone's natural base color."

The results? A dreamy blend of natural hues that embrace — instead of fight — the god-given color you were born with. For more inspiration, keep clicking for a few of our favorite takes on the "camouflage" trend. Just, please, don't try to make "fetch" happen.