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What Does Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Beauty Mean?

These Carbon-Neutral and -Negative Beauty Brands Are Doing the Most For Sustainability

What Does Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Beauty Mean?

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In an industry where sustainability encompasses so many aspects — having eco-friendly packaging, ensuring ethical manufacturing, responsibly-sourcing ingredients — it can be hard to define what actually makes a beauty product sustainable. On top of this, it's difficult to know if brands are living up to these standards rather than using them as marketing tools. That's where carbon neutral beauty comes in. Carbon neutral beauty (and even better carbon negative beauty) is a simple way of making sure you're choosing a brand that's doing the most when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint.

Carbon neutral means that a brand is reducing its release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is offsetting it by contributing to schemes around that world that help to tackle climate change. Carbon negative brands go a step further by offsetting the carbon it produces, plus removing extra carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in an effort to help reverse climate change.

But let's get real for a second, because the world of sustainability is a complicated one. We're not saying that just because a product is carbon neutral it's eradicating the climate crisis because as we mentioned earlier, sustainable beauty encompasses many factors. What's important is that these brands (often smaller, independent ones) are being proactive in heading towars a more sustainable future for the beauty industry and beyond. You've got to start somewhere when it comes to tackling the climate crisis, and investing in a carbon neutral future is absolutely a great place to be.

Ahead are eight beauty brands that are putting pledges into action by being either carbon neutral or carbon negative.

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