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Celebrity Sole Tattoos on the Bottom of the Foot

These Celebrities Caught On to the "Barbie" Sole Tattoo Trend Way Before We Did

Sole tattoos — much like the "Made in Japan" markings made famous by vintage Barbie dolls from the 1960s — are everywhere on Instagram right now. The trend sees people getting tattoos on the bottoms of their feet, usually along the arch in the space between the heel and the ball of the foot. In a lot of cases, they tend to follow the same "Made in . . . " format seen on Barbies, though plenty of people who have gotten them have switched things up with customized designs like flowers, smiley faces, and one-word quotes.

While the spike in popularity for sole tattoos has only recently resurfaced, a handful of celebrities had unsurprisingly already hopped on the trend years ago. As you might expect, these tattoos are super easy to cover up, so there could be plenty of others out there who have the ink but are keeping it a secret. Read ahead to get a look at the celebrity sole tattoos we do know about.

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