Celestial Nail Art Is All Over Instagram — Here Are Our Favorite Takes

As the incredibly tumultuous year that was 2022 comes to an end, some of us are getting into the holiday spirit the only way we know how: getting our nails done. With the inevitable barrage of holiday-inspired nail art that finds its way to our Instagram feeds every December, it can be easy to revert back to a basic red or green polish when the options get overwhelming. Yet there's one winter manicure trend that puts the stars right at your fingertips and looks great no matter how simple or intricate: celestial nails.

Perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to any nail design, celestial nails can be surprisingly easy to achieve. "This look definitely needs a chrome detail," celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein previously told POPSUGAR. "I think gold against matte, as well as gold against light and baby blue, translates the best in order to give you that starry-night effect." She recommended using gray and blue nail-polish colors for the base and silver and gold for detailing. Oh, and don't forget glitter — Gerstein said that's necessary for replicating stars.

Whether you want to try your hand at the dreamy design at home or take a screenshot of your favorite inspiration photo for your next trip to the salon, we've rounded up the best celestial nail-art designs that will keep your mani looking next-level ethereal ahead.

Celestial Nails: Gold Moon and Stars

These celestial nails are for the minimalists at heart. A very light, almost translucent base color allows the gold moon and star detailing to really shine in this manicure.

Celestial Nails: Silver French Manicure

Mixed-metal accents and a glitter chrome french tip take this celestial nail-art design to new levels. Keeping the base color a baby pink makes the mixed-metal detailing all the more otherworldly.

Celestial Nails: Gold Chrome and Rhinestones

The easiest shortcut to the celestial nails? Decals. This design features gold press-on stickers that make this nail art look just as intricate as if it were hand drawn.

Celestial Nails: Pink Cloud French Manicure

We know french tips are coming back in a major way, so combining the design with the celestial art trend (and using clouds at that) is a surefire recipe for stunning nails.

Celestial Nails: Matte Black Moon and Stars

Working with finishes is another fun and unexpected way to achieve celestial nails. These nails feature a matte, all-black nail, and the celestial design is done with a normal glossy, clear nail polish.

Celestial Nails: Cat-Eye Celestial Nail Art

This celestial nail look combines what is known as a "cat eye" design with quintessential celestial nail art. Cat-eye nails are a play on line work and look stunning in different types of lighting, which further punctuates the gold detailing in this celestial manicure.

Celestial Nails: Aura French Tips

These celestial nails combine a french manicure, aura nails, and moon and star detailing. If you want to add color to your celestial manicure, opt for this one.

Celestial Nails: Green Glitter French Manicure

If you want to lean into traditional holiday colors for your celestial nails, keep it simple by using reds or greens for a french manicure and adding stars like in the manicure seen here.

Celestial Nails: Shimmery French Tips

Love minimal nail designs but want to take part in the celestial nail trend? This nail look has all the elements of an eye-catching manicure — glitter french tips and starry nail art — but the shades used are subdued enough for this manicure to go with any outfit and work for any occasion.

Celestial Nails: Cat-Eye French Manicure

These black celestial nails look like you're staring directly into the Milky Way. Cat-eye nails with a duo-chrome finish are the star of the show, but the addition of white stars add the celestial element that makes this manicure look like it's from outer space.

Celestial Nails: Blue-and-Silver Nail Art

Blue and silver are some of the most common celestial nail colors, so why not lean into that for your manicure? This nail look features a deep navy blue for the base and chrome silver for the celestial nail art, which makes the look pop even more.

Celestial Nails: Gradient Red Nails

You don't typically think red when you think of celestial nails, but that's what makes this manicure work so well. The varying shades of red add visual interest, but the star, moon, and sun nail art keep the manicure perfectly on theme.