The Surprising Piece of Makeup That Helped Charlize Theron Transform Into Megyn Kelly

Charlize Theron underwent a pretty impressive transformation into Megyn Kelly for her role in Bombshell, and the secret behind her uncanny resemblance to the former Fox News host lies in the brilliant hands of Hollywood special effects makeup artist Kazu Hiro. In an Instagram post shared on Jan. 22, Hiro gave his followers a quick look at one of the prosthetics he built to help with Theron's transformation.

According to his caption, he 3D printed a nose plug for her that he used to make her nostrils look larger, an idea that came to him because of the tight deadline he was on. Hiro recently spoke to Elle about the job, where he further detailed the steps he took in doing Theron's makeup for the film.

"I created jaw pieces to make her jawline more of a square, and a chin piece and a mouth piece to make Charlize's mouth look like Megyn's mouth," he said. "Charlize has a really small nose, a really cute nose, and Megyn has bigger nostrils, so I had to enlarge [her nostrils], too." Hiro also mentioned that he "spent hours" studying both Theron and Kelly's faces to determine the best ways to go about creating the prosthetics. Check out his 3D portrait of Theron's nose plug ahead.