Chloe Bennet Debuts Vibrant Red Hair Color as She Prepares to Become Powerpuff Girl's Blossom

Chloe Bennet is getting superhero ready. The actress is prepping to join CW's live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot as Blossom, which as you might've guessed, means red hair. Bennet shared a glimpse of her freshly dyed look on Instagram on Tuesday with a motivating caption.

"Female, asian, red headed, superhero (again). ✨f*ck yeah✨," she wrote. "Go ahead and normalize being anything you want hunnyyy."

That's a message we can get behind! We can thank stylist Cherin Choi for Bennet's stunning new color. The actress has plenty of practice playing a superhero (just look at her track record on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), but Powerpuff Girls will be a whole new ball game. Judging by her 'grams, she's ready to dive into the franchise and bring Blossom to life — red hair and all. Get a closer look at her fresh red hair in the video and photo below.