Chrissy Teigen's At-Home Manicure Looks So Legit, We Can't Tell She Used Press-On Nails

With salons closed, Chrissy Teigen is finding at-home alternatives for her usual go-to manicure — almond-shaped sheer lined beige nails — and celebrity nail artist Patricia Yankee had the perfect solution. Pattie Yankee nails come in a vast assortment of colors and shapes but the bestselling Veil style was a perfect match for Teigen.

After applying the full set of the DIY preglued nails, she took to her Instagram stories to show off the final result. "It looks just like my nails before all of this," Teigen said in the video clip. "I haven't felt like this in such a long time, I feel so good."

If you're missing your regular nail appointments (or hopeless at painting your own nails), press-on nails are a fast and easy at-home manicure option.