17 Cloud Makeup Photos That Prove It's the Most Magical Beauty Trend to Sweep the Internet

Maybe you're searching for cloud makeup because you saw it floating around the internet and you need some eye-catching beauty inspiration for weekend one of Coachella. Maybe you're scrolling through examples because its color schemes remind you of Lisa Frank stickers. Regardless of the reason, we get why the illustrations of fluffy cotton-candy-like clouds strewn across your face has become a beauty trend: it's artistic, dreamy, and down-right captivating.

We first saw the trend last year, as influencers posted video tutorials on their takes of how to create the look, and to do so is simple: the eye shadow look is comprised of one or multiple fluffy clouds, often painted in dreamy color schemes and surrounded with painted-on stars, sparkles, and thunderbolts. (If you need help on choosing your colors, a quick Pinterest search of "Cloud Color Palettes" yields the most enchanting results.) Cloud makeup can be whatever you want it to be — from a few feathery sweeps of iridescent, white shadow, to fully-illustrated three-dimensional cumulus — and it all starts with a fluffy eye shadow brush, your favorite eye palettes, and, if you'd like, a few jars of fine glitter.

The trend is resurfacing just in time for festival season as brands are coming out with the brightest, most shimmery palettes for every look (for example, Nyx has released its Glitter Goals collection, which will add some twinkle to your lids, and Smith and Cult now has pots of six otherworldly hues and go on in big, shimmery, holographic chunks that will catch light even through nighttime performances), while makeup artists on Instagram are looking to newly launched Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette to paint their faces.

Ahead, check out 17 examples of the beauty trend (and 17 reasons to keep your head in the clouds).

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