Doja Cat Just Pulled a Beauty Move Billie Eilish Would Love

While Doja Cat was hilariously freaking out on her Instagram Story about Australian electrical plugs, we couldn't help but notice she might be taking beauty notes from Billie Eilish.

Over the Summer, Eilish went all-in on neon green, wearing the color on her nails and in her hair. Doja Cat seems to be following her lead, because she coordinated her neon green hair with almond-shaped nails in the Instagram video. She's always playful with her beauty look, and we especially love the creepy-cute smiley nail art on her manicure.

Doja Cat often switches up her hair color so it's possible that her vibrant hair is a wig, making her pairing even more intentional. Check out her neon green beauty look, ahead.

Doja Cat's Neon Green Hair and Nails
Instagram | DojaCat

Doja Cat's Neon Green Hair and Nails