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Double-Helix Piercing Trend Ideas

The Double-Helix Piercing Trend Allows You to Create Your Own "Ear Art"

Double-Helix Piercing Trend Ideas

They say two is better than one, and that couldn't be more true when talking about double-helix piercings. When in pairs, helix or cartilage piercings allow you to play with different types of jewelry and create a look that's exclusive to you. It's a fresh and exciting take on an old classic, which makes it a shoo-in to be a huge trend for the spring.

"The double-helix (two piercings placed close together) allows for unique ear art," Megan Milchman, head studio nurse at Rowan, said to POPSUGAR. "Mix and match or twin out your piercings. It's a fun way to make a statement in a Zoom world."

It's no surprise that in 2021 professional piercers are getting more requests for unconventional placements or multiple piercings close together. People are looking for ways to express themselves and let out their creativity during a time when most of life has gone virtual. This ear-piercing trend is one that shines when you put your hair up, and is noticeable behind a face mask.

To get inspired for your own double-helix piercing, keep scrolling.

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