Dr. 90210's New Season Will Feature All Women Surgeons, and It's About Damn Time

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Dr. 90210's next season is set to feature some all-new faces (no pun intended). E!'s long-running plastic surgery reality series is returning this September with new episodes, only this time, the show is switching things up by including a cast of all-women plastic surgeons. This season's team of surgeons includes Dr. Cat Begovic, Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Michelle Lee, and Dr. Suzanne Quardt.

Plastic surgery is known for being a men-dominated industry: 92 percent of all plastic surgery patients are women, yet research shows that the number of women performing these surgeries remains below 15 percent. In a recent interview with People, Dr. Killeen, a board-certified surgeon specializing in breast reduction, explained why she chose to appear on the show.

"I loved the idea of being on a show with four women with very different personalities showing what it's like to be a surgeon while balancing a career and home life," she said. "Women in medicine are held to ridiculous standards and are often told, 'You can be here, but not acting or looking like that.' I loved the idea of showing little girls like my daughter that not only can you be a surgeon, you can be the person you want as well."

Killeen added that women in plastic surgery aren't given the luxury of being able to be multidimensional and are often portrayed as being too passive or too aggressive. "It has been a challenge to break those stereotypes and develop a reputation for being a stellar surgeon, and a fun person to work with," she said.

The new season of Dr. 90210 is set to premiere on Sept. 28 on E!.