Drew Barrymore Gets (Like, Really Gets) the Shaving Struggle

Drew Barrymore: the gift that keeps on giving. On April 13, the host of her eponymous talk show "The Drew Barrymore Show" invited actor Kathryn Hahn on to have a chat, and let's just say, hilarity ensued. Amid the duo discussing Hahn's latest project, Barrymore crawled over to the actor, lifted up her pant leg, and proceeded to show the entire world that she had shaved her legs for the first time in three months.

For those who may not know the backstory, on April 10, Barrymore posted a video on Instagram of her wrapped in a towel, shaving cream under her arms, and her house alarm going off in the background. According to the actor's narration, it started as soon as she was in the bathtub, about to shave for the first time this season. "You can not make this stuff up!" her caption read. "Just a moment that I will not let get the best of me… I'll laugh instead." After turning it off, Barrymore panned back to a shot of her now-cold bath, letting everyone know that she did finally get to shave under "absolute stress and duress."

If you're anything like us, then Barrymore's feelings about shaving are very relatable. Summer is right around the corner and when temperatures rise, we tend to shed a few layers of clothing. While removing your body hair isn't a necessity by any means, if you prefer to be hairless, adding the task back to your shower routine after forgoing it all winter can feel like a chore — to say the least. Take a look at Barrymore's hilarious video with Hahn below, and join us in sighing all the way to Target to buy some new razors.