Dua Lipa's Blunt Bangs and Flower-Power French Mani Have Us Feeling All Sorts of Groovy

Dua Lipa is working on a new project, and while we don't have any details other than the fact she has something in the works, what we do know is that it involves a beauty look that pays homage to the beauty and fashion trends of the 1960s and 70s.

On Sunday, the singer posted a selfie showing off a beauty look that could have come straight out of the Mary Quant exhibit at the V&A, accompanied by the cryptic caption "๐Ÿ’™ coming soon๐Ÿ’™". It's too soon to say what's coming next (a new music video for a track from her Future Nostalgia album, perhaps?), we do have a little more information on her hair, makeup, and nails โ€” the latter of which was a flower power French manicure created by London-based nail artist Michelle Humphrey.

"๐ŸŒผ FLOWER POWER for my angel @dualipa - So cute!" Humphrey wrote on her Instagram feed along with a close-up photo of Dua's nails. Using Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish, Humphrey gave Dua's nails a sleek almond shape, adding cherry-red French tips. Scattered across those tips, she then added yellow-and-red flowers mimicking the iconic daisy logo that featured all over Quant's iconic designs โ€” clothing that ultimately defined the fashion of the "swinging sixties."

Dua's makeup was the handiwork of Lisa Eldridge, who works regularly with the singer when she's in the UK. Her eye makeup also had a distinctly '60s vibe, featuring many references to the beauty trends of that era โ€” with thick black liner across the lids, a double wing that extends past the outer corners of both the top and bottom lash lines, and Twiggy-style spider lashes along the bottom lashes. Eldridge gave the look a 2020 edge, however, by topping Dua's lids with shimmery ombrรฉ blue shadow (in the '60s, it would have most likely been pastel and matte) and a gorgeous pinky-taupe lipstick with a satin finish.

Topping off Dua's vintage beauty look, quite literally, was some faux blunt bangs courtesy of hairstylist Anna Cofone. Sandwiched between Dua's short, face-framing layers โ€” which became almost like little sideburns, another iconic popular '60s style โ€” the dark brunette fringe was cut long and feathery, so that the ends grazed the singer's brow bones.

Keeping in line with the idea of "Future Nostalgia," many of Dua Lipa's songs and music videos from the album reference past decades in some way. "Levitating" has a distinct '80s vibe, while the video for "Hallucinate" referenced animated characters like Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse from the '30s. Whatever this new project is, Dua's tapping into the mod style of the '60s and early '70s, and we can't wait to see all of the epic beauty and fashion moments that come of it.