Dua Lipa's Crystal French Nails Just Gave the Classic French Manicure Trend a Major Update

Dua Lipa loves to experiment and switch up her nails. Luckily, she has New York City-based celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri on speed dial to make it happen. The same day she revealed she traded her blond chunky highlights for her natural brunette hair color, she also showed a new Kawajiri creation: a crystal french manicure.

Lipa's latest french-but-make-it-sparkly nails has a glitter nail polish base and white french tips lined with rhinestones. While the mani is a lot less colorful that we're used to seeing on her (her nail art prior was bright yellow smiley faces on all ten fingers), she did not hold back in the glitter department.

"After quarantine, first thing we want to do is "changing to NEW NAILS," read Kawajiri's Instagram caption. This is only the beginning of new nail designs to come now that stay-at-home orders in the country are easing up in certain areas.

See Lipa's new nails close up, below.